Why I’m Addicted to Snapchat

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How to use snapchat


I’m addicted to Snapchat! 

I’m totally geeked out over new apps like Snapchat. It’s FUN! I’m excited to wake up each morning and see the filters of the day. I’m excited to catch up with friends and family. I’m excited to communicate quickly and in a fun new way! I feel like people are more authentic on Snapchat than other social media platforms.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram your Snapchat posts disappear. I find myself curating posts for other platforms because I know it will BE THERE indefinitely. I want my words to be perfect. I want the picture to be perfect. With Snapchat I can post and go! Because it’s in real time it feels more authentic. I find more entertainment on Snapchat than anything else. We get quick little snapshots throughout the day of the people we choose to follow.

People lead very entertaining lives. I watch Snapchat each night like it’s reality TV. Except it IS. And the reality stars are MY people. I love it.

If you’re still trying to figure it out watch this quick tutorial!

Once you’re all signed up follow me! Check out a few of my other favorite accounts to follow too.

Kate Hudson

I’m such a fan girl. I love her romantic comedies and I love her on Snapchat! She snaps behind the scenes, family stuff, and goes back and forth with her brother Oliver. (Who is equally great to follow!)

Chris D’Elia

The comedian that keeps me laughing. He’s random, always cracking hilarious jokes, and has cute dogs.

Chrissy Teigen

I was not much of a Chrissy Teigen fan until I started following her on Snapchat. I’ve seen her a few times dancing behind the DJ booth on Lip Sync Battle and knew she was married to John Legend other than that I did not know much about her. I LOVE following her snaps in the kitchen, with her cute new baby, and out with friends!

Gwen Stefani

Duh. She’s like the duchess of my generation. How can you NOT love Gwen Stefani!?!

Reese Witherspoon

She shares behind the scenes action on set of her movies, clothing line, and family. She seems just as amazing in real life as she does on the big screen!


If you want to see what’s happening with your friends jump on Snapchat. I’m totally addicted! You’ll see me snapping fitness, family, and FUN! It’s a inside peek of my day to day life!




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