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Who is The Fitness Marshall?

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One of the highlights of each week is leading my dance fitness class. It’s easily my favorite workout!  I got into dance fitness in 2009 when I attended a Zumba instructor training. I began teaching Zumba classes and eventually morphed it into my own hip hop, tease, cardio dance party.

Youtube has been my biggest inspiration for choreography ideas. I’m always searching for moves, grooves, and music. My Fired Up Fitness ladies LOVE a good workout so I was instantly drawn to the high energy and intensity of The Fitness Marshall videos on Youtube.

Caleb, AKA “The Fitness Marshall”, is a dance fitness instructor from Indiana. He uploads cardio dance Youtube videos regularly. I use several of his dances in my class. He’s definitely one of my favorites!

I’ve been following The Fitness Marshall for a few years so you can imagine how SUPER excited I was to hear that he was going to be teaching a class in my area. IT. WAS. A. BLAST!

The energy was insane, the playlist was hoppin, and I was soaking it ALL in! My schedule can get kind of crazy so I do not get to TAKE many dance classes. This was a rare treat and I was eating it up! Did I mention they served cupcakes because it was The Fitness Marshall’s birthday!? YES!

I was in the back of the room and at one point he turned the room around. The front was the back and the back was the front! My girl Chantal was front and center crushing it. We had so much fun!

The Fitness Marshall Live in Texas

If you need to kick a little fun into your fitness routine try a few of The Fitness Marshall dances. Here are a few of my personal favorites! If you want to dance with me, click here! Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know which dances you’ve tried!

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