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Where Thoughts Go Energy Flows

By June 30, 2012 No Comments

I love the law of attraction. I have experienced it first hand and believe in it’s awesome power! It is so simple. What you think about, what you read about, what you watch, who you listen to, what attracts  your attention all play a vital role into the situations and circumstances that you experience.

Look around, how do the people you surround yourself with make you feel? Ultimately, we have a choice. Having the ability to choose our environment and surroundings is a true gift. Pay close attention to those you surround yourself with. Be sure they are people that lift you up and love you unconditionally. Those who do not stand in judgement but accept you as the true talented being that you are.

Be confident in yourself so that you can give us your very best. Don’t let others bring you down. Be surrounded with positive forward thinkers. Seek out mentors, leaders, tribes, and friends that you can share your true self.

In order to grow, we must change. Change is hard and nearly impossible given a situation where you are being brought down by those around you. You have the power to focus your thoughts! Where your thoughts go energy flows! Seek out life! Set goals and visions for your future. Attract like minded individuals into your path. Be open. Accept them as they are and do your best to lift them higher! Live with a purpose and be a part of something BIGGER!


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