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When Your World Explodes

By August 8, 2012 No Comments

It’s quite mind blowing the amount of life shifts happening all around me.

The biggest news in my world right now is probably the fact that three of my very dear friends are moving. Two of them are moving across the country!

I was not planning on all of this happening when we planned our vacation. We leave in a few days and I have to leave my friends behind.

The fixer in me wants to stay and help them organize their lives. I feel their stress, excitement, and worries right along with them and now I’m going to go live it up on a beach somewhere?

These women have incredible strength. When they know what they want they go get it. I try my very best to surround myself with women of courage, confidence, and integrity. They know that when your world seems to be exploding all around you there is great change taking place. With great change comes great growth. Choice and opportunity become your play scape. Surrounding yourself with individuals that can help you navigate the chaos is crucial.

I wish my friends the very best of all their dreams on their new adventures. I’m thankful for technology and resources available for us to stay connected despite the separation! I’ve made so many amazing memories and am beyond grateful for the life long relationships. Change can be beautiful.

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