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What Would You Tell Your 34 Year Old Self?

By May 25, 2016 No Comments

Because time traveling is fun I’m posing this question for people like my Mom. Someone who always seems to say the right things.

I see older couples, mostly strangers, who I admire from afar and wonder what’s their one line secret? I know it’s not always easy being married, getting older, having kids etc. But if you were looking back at yourself at a younger age… what would you say? Something like, “Never go to bed mad.” “No dutch ovens.” Or “Always wash your make up off.” You know, something like that?

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ALL of me… glossed by a nice filter. Thank you 2016.

I’m officially 34 as of yesterday.
I won’t fib, grin, and smirk that I’m still a twenty something. I’m not. It’s becoming a pet peeve that women, typically those in their thirties and forties, lie about their age. What’s the big deal?

Ladies, own it.

I wouldn’t give up any of the past several years and  I  look forward to every year coming my way! I appreciate it too much to deny my truth.

I imagine what life will be like at 50, 60, and hopefully beyond. I imagine the ruckus I’ll cause with the younger generations. It’s going to be FUN!

Recently, a friend told me that it has been scientifically proven that 34 is the best year of our lives. So I googled and as it turns out it is in fact true. So I’m destined to live the most epic 12 months ever of my life starting today.

I intend to blog regularly and share more day to day life stuff but be warned. I’m a sub par writer. If you’re the grammar police I hope your handcuffs are the furry kind.

I don’t know what’s in store for 34. But I’m excited!

Here’ where I’m at right now.
My kiddos are 9, 11, and 13. They are incredible. They keep me charged! My marriage is awesome and we’re working hard to make our dreams reality. We’re almost there.  I have incredible friends who keep me present and laughing. I own a fabulous business, that I call Fired Up Fitness, where I get to do what I love. We are making an impact on our community and I could not be more proud. As a company we are celebrating two years this summer. A brick and mortar toddler! It’s tough but rewarding.

I recently expanded my reach and started taking on clients to help build small businesses with branding and social media.
I’m in the thick of it right? Everything is happening and I love it.

My kids are moving into new stages entering middle school and high school soon. I’m thankful that I have complete control over my time and schedule so that I can be there for them. We’re itching as a family to transition into a new space which bring a lot of big decisions in the near future. It’s exciting!
I’m happy, healthy, and hopeful.  I’ll take any one line secrets you’ve got!

Cheers to 34! Let’s do this!




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