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My Fitness Transformation Part 3

By June 24, 2016 One Comment
Let’s recap. In January 2008 a New Year fire was lit and I was motivated to get in shape. I was on a mission to lose at LEAST twenty pounds and become a healthy active mom.
I joined the gym and by December 2008 I had liberated over fifty pounds and totally transformed my body. I was making changes in the kitchen, making new friends, and taking classes at the gym. I followed the passion and by the end of that year I was a certified group fitness instructor! I was LOVING my new role and attended several instructor trainings in early 2009 where I was introduced to Mindy!
Mindy, like Christa, was and is like my big sister in fitness. I am thankful that she saw something special in me. Once again, I had an amazing person taking me under her wing. Mindy helped groomed me into a better instructor and eventually a fitness presenter. (The trainer who teaches and certifies new instructors) Both, Christa and Mindy, have taught me more about being a good wife, mother, and friend more than anything else. They are excellent role models and I still learn and follow their lead.
There are SEVERAL fitness professionals that I admire. I felt lucky when Mindy approached me in May 2009 about joining her team of Beachbody affiliates.   I loved Mindy’s passion and confidence about this partnership. I was not familiar with the Beachbody company but loved the community of fitness enthusiast that were jumping on board. Like every other fitness certification I said yes to… I was all IN!
Little did I know, that leap of faith would completely change the direction of my fitness career.  Again.
By September 2009 I was teaching fitness classes,  a new Beachbody Coach affiliate, loving life, and then suddenly fired from my gym teaching job. Devastated.
With a roaring FIRE within a entrepreneur is born! I founded Fired Up Fitness and began teaching classes, independently, around the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.
I spent the rest of 2009 finding my feet and settling into my new routine. I had decided to follow in Mindy’s footsteps and become a fitness presenter. I loved paying it forward to up and coming instructors. I still get a huge rush when I witness someone transition from the back of the class onto the mic leading.
The seeds had been planted to open my own studio but I had a lot of self doubt. I decided to accept a management position at another local gym chain to gain experience running a group fitness program.  I had been teaching a few classes at this gym and knew it had a lot of potential. I had the freedom to teach, train, and grow. I made some of my very best friends, including Kristi Carter, while managing that program!  There’s no doubt that those two years were a roller coaster but they laid a solid foundation for opening my own place.
During that time I spent a lot of hours filming audition videos and taking the necessary steps to present for Chalene Johnson at Power Blue Productions as one of their area promotion directors. Mindy was a veteran “APD” and I knew if I followed her lead I’d be presenting fitness trainings too. Who doesn’t love the RUSH from ‘paying it forward?’  I was managing a group fitness program, where I had space to host trainings, and I was already working with other instructors! I knew I was planted right where I needed to be.
I was taking a nap when Chalene Johnson called to invite me to Orange County for the next round of live in person auditions. I could not BELIEVE that I missed that call. She left a funny voicemail, said she loved my audition video, and in April 2010 I boarded my first plane to California!
Talk about ECSTATIC! I was one of eleven girls invited to the audition for a spot on this exclusive elite team of trainers that year. Three veteran trainers lived in my area, including Mindy, so I had my work cut out for me. After “APD Camp” it would be another seven months of public speaking homework, video submissions, and shadowing the vets before I was permitted to present my first training. I made amazing memories, gained a TON of experience, an made life long friends from that process.
As I was working for to become an official APD, my friend, Tenneil suggested that I look into a cardio dance format called Flirty Girl Fitness. I totally brushed her off. I was working my ass off to pass all of the requirements to present for Powder Blue! I had ZERO interest in any other format.
She patiently persisted.
At church, she introduced me to her friend Casey, who happened to be a Flirty Girl instructor. Casey invited me to a class and I never went. She was nice enough but I had tunnel vision and was on a mission to go green light with Powder Blue. In November 2010, I was approved to book my first event. It was scheduled for the following March.
Between November and March 2011 the Flirty Girl format, that I had never heard of until Tenneil, continued to pop up on my radar. I think it’s like that thing where you never see a specific kind of car until you want to buy one specific kind of car and then you see is THAT specific car at everywhere you go. That thing.
Get this. I had pretty much eliminated watching TV.  I had replaced TV time with fitness time but one weird night I found myself home alone and decided I was going to watch me some TV! Almost in retaliation of the fact that I rarely did it anymore.
Then I felt a little guilty over the fact that I could be doing something productive so I thought to myself, “I should watch something with some substance.” So, naturally, I flipped onto the Oprah Network. She knows WHATS UP.
I flipped it on in the middle of marriage therapy show where this therapist lady was helping a struggling couple repair their marriage. Interesting. To help the wife get her groove back she bribes her into a sexy dance class at this dance studio. They get out of the car, cameras follow, and strut into the Flirty Girl Fitness studio of Chicago.
My mouth dropped.
I sat wide eyed and stunned. I could not BELIEVE what I was seeing.
Here I was, this ONE random time, this ONE random show. And this freaking Flirty Girl Fitness thing is in my face AGAIN. Is Tenneil in MY TV!?!? Does she KNOW OPRAH!?!?
Listen, if there was a “HERE’S YOUR SIGN” moment. This was it for me. I believe in the power of attraction and took this seriously. I messaged Tenneil who forwarded me an email she had just received about open Flirty Girl trainer auditions.
Seriously? Is this happening? Am I doing this? I know NOTHING about this format. I just invested over a year of my life auditioning for this other company and now I’m going to go through that AGAIN?
I had never taken a Flirty Girl class but it seems pretty similar to my cardio dance class that I was already teaching. I searched for videos, stalked out other Flirty Girl instructors, trainers, owners. Everything.
I took a deep breath and emailed Flirty Girl my resume. They responded IMMEDIATELY. I’m not joking. It was fast. I was booked for the first time slot for the first audition in Dallas. I felt nervous.
I still had my Powder Blue training on the books for March and was curious what made Flirty Girl so different. A few weeks before the February audition I got a call that auditions had been postponed due to an illness. She told me they were not sure when it would be rescheduled but they wanted to fly me to Philly to speak to them about the position in person asap.
Seriously? Uhhh ok.
A few weeks later I flew to the Philadelphia, for the first time, and attended the Philly Fitness Mania convention. I met with Flirty Girl trainers Jenn, Heather, and Mindy Mylrea. They seemed super down to Earth, FUNNY, and totally pumped to work with ME. The opportunity presented was AMAZING! Flirty Girl was a pretty new format. I would have creative input on the growth of the dance based format and able to book instructor trainings ANYWHERE. Pretty much free reign over all southern states!
I was IN.
Flirty Girl Fitness was respectful and cool with me presenting my Powder Blue event that March and I was feeling excited for this new opportunity!
I ROCKED my one and only Hip Hop Hustle training, respectfully resigned, and in April 2011 became an Ultimate Flirty Girl Fitness Trainer.
To be continued…
Hip Hop Hustle

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