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The Perfect Power Hour

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Does NOT include: Your workout or personal development

Keep Your Promises – You promised to coach and motivate people through their programs.  Do it!  – 15 Minutes 

Go to the “Office” – 15 Minutes 

Check your Alerts:

  • Any New Emails or Breaking News?
  • Any New Leads?
    • Search on FB, send text or email
    • Add to contact list
    • Create saved generic “intro” email
  • Any new coaches in your organization?
  • Are any coaches set for inactive?
  • Check Success Club points & Point Volumes

Follow-Up & Invite– 30 Minutes 

  • Accept all “Finds” (Friend Requests) & Add to contacts
    • Send “Intro” message – “Nice to meet you…What’s your story?”
  • Follow-up with all contacts you have been in correspondence with
    • Sometimes an “invite” is the natural next step of the follow-up
  • If you haven’t hit your “invite” goal through the follow-up process, make sure you finalize your invites before the hour is over
    • Quick invites to anyone that liked or commented on your recent posts
    • Old contacts, not Nows (6 months or more)

Any time left?  Be social on social media!  Comment and “like.”  Engage with others!

Check out this helpful POWER HOUR training video! 

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