Megan B.

At first, I was nervous jumping into a program that would limit so much of the food I eat every day. Specifically gluten and dairy. What I found through the experience is that I can still find good foods to eat. I feel less sluggish and my stomach started slimming quickly. The daily accountability has been my saving grace. Without the encouragement, ideas and fun comments I might have already given up. I feel like if I give up; I will let others down. The workouts are a challenge but I needed a change. They push me and give me a new edge I hadn’t had for awhile. Thanks Ember!

Christina P.

The last 6 weeks seemed to fly by! I have been working on my health and weight loss for the last two years but I have never seen results like this in such a short time frame. I LOVE how I feel. I lost 12.8 pounds and EIGHTEEN INCHES! That’s with eating food, not starving myself, getting rest days and fueling my workouts. That seems crazy to me. I’m just so happy. Can’t wait for another round!

Ashley O.

This program broke through my post-partum plateau after almost 17 months, when I figured I was just stuck with the way my body looked. It completely transformed my shape. I lost 4 lbs and 10 inches, 2.5 inches in my waist alone. But more importantly, I’m so much more healthier. I cut out all dairy, gluten, and processed sugar and can feel the difference. I had pizza 5 days ago, and am still recovering from the bloat and acne breakout! Not to mention I just felt like crap after eating it- like a zombie! I have more energy with no afternoon slump. I don’t even crave those heavy foods anymore! This program changed my life and how I view working out and eating!

Jenny E.

This is really the only program that has rendered the type of results that I want. I don’t want to be “skinny fat” I want lean muscles & to be strong & slimmer – less body fat! This program does it! The knowledge I have gained from Ember is irreplaceable and I’ve gained a support system with new friends!