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Sweat Sister Spotlight: Karen Bratcher

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After I closed my studio last fall I said goodbye to some of my favorite ladies. I would get up early a few times each week to teach a 5:15am workout and had some of the most dedicated women in those classes. They made getting out of bed WORTH it. I was thankful they would get up to workout with me but more so amazed by their determination to get it done for themselves. Those early birds don’t play.

I got the opportunity to pick up my early morning classes at another studio just down the street from Fired Up Fitness. I started teaching several classes, including three 5:15am classes each week, at Studio One Dance Center in November. I was starting over and building my classes from nothing. I had a few of my FUF girls follow me to SODC and had a few other ladies become pretty regular pretty quickly.

I realized pretty quickly that new girl Karen was with me for EVERY early morning class and knew she was attending the other early class that I wasn’t teaching too. She was committed! Come to found out my new girl was actually and one of Studio One’s founding members. Karen and her family have been with SODC since it opened more than ten years ago!

She shows up with a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and genuine excitement to be there. Yes. Excited at 5:15am. It’s amazing! I feel so inspired and thrilled to be a witness of her journey and true physical transformation. She’s eager to learn and encourages everyone around her. Not only this, but she’s an amazing mother. She has two, absolutely stunning, daughters and is an incredible example to them both.

Karen started working out and taking classes at SODC 4-5 days each week when we started in November. She started making healthier choices, intermittent fasting, and changing her mindset. It wasn’t long before I could see changes physically. She shared her goals with me and I encouraged her to take a few progress pictures and measurements. We took these first set of pictures on December 1st. 30 days later we took the second set. How much did she lose? It doesn’t matter. She lost weight. She lost inches. It’s obvious in the pictures. Most importantly she’s gained a stronger sense of self, found FUN in fitness, and is enjoying the process. For me, this is what it’s all about!

“Listen to your heart, be inspired, celebrate along the way, make a change, and be EAGER.”

Karen recently shared this on Facebook…

Personally, for most of 2017, I felt stuck in a rut. I felt defeated, not happy with anything, grouchy, unexcitable, and wanting a change but unsure of what change I was wanting.  I was not really being present. I wasn’t the Karen I was at one time in my life or the Karen I wanted to be. I was believing lies without fully knowing that I was believing them. Furthermore what’s worse is not realizing the extent the lies grip had over me. To those stupid lies, I say “NO MORE!” Please, friends, don’t sell yourself short of stupid demoralizing lies.

In October, EB and I went on a cruise to celebrate our 15 year anniversary. As we started the set sail I got an email from SODC regarding fitness interest that was going to be starting up at the studio!! Yay SODC for this opportunity!! So as we are leaving Galveston, I sent a random cryptic half-email reply from a cruise ship saying “YES! Interested!” Thinking this will be something fun to try but not expecting to much more than that. I really just wanted to see what this is all about.

Enter November and SODC trainer Ember Nevill. Ember taught my first class and my life hasn’t been the same. I find that in my life, rarely has someone made such an immediate impact, but she did and continues too!! I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and forever changed. Thank you, Ember for your passion, your encouragement, your inspiration, your love and kindness that you freely give to all. Your passion is contagious.

Secondly, enter SODC fitness trainers Sidonie Hale and Casey Marler Blakewood these two gems are incredible. They both inspire, motivate, encourage and have pushed me way beyond what I thought was my limit! These two ladies have rocked my world and continue to do so!! Thank you, both! I love you dearly.

If any of my friends haven’t tried any of the fitness classes at SODC you TOTALLY should.

It is my prayer that anyone who reads this post, will NOT believe any lie that the enemy is trying to SELL you.

Don’t be afraid to try, take a step forward, trust in God’s plan, listen to your heart, be inspired, celebrate along the way, make a change and be EAGER. This is my 2018 theme word. I want to live with an EAGERness in all areas! I look forward to what is to come and live with focus and intentionality.

Blessings to each and every one of you! ❤️

I know Karen’s family, friends, and SODC sisters are SO very proud of her hard work. It’s awesome what is possible in a short amount of time when we are consistent and show up! I can only imagine where she’s going from here. Karen is currently enrolled in my Carb Queen program and ROCKIN it. Stay tuned I’m sure you’ll be seeing much more from this girl!

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