Join me as we SLAY the SUGAR DRAGON together for 3 days starting in February!
This is a 3 day clean eating clease where we have 2 Shakeology shakes and a salad each day. I have 17 brown bag specials to help you SLAY GIRL SLAY!

Each brown bag comes with 6 servings of your choice of shake flavor!

17 Brown Bag Specials Available in a variety of flavors: 

> Strawberries & Cream (3 Strawberry + 3 Vanilla)
> PB&J (3 Chocolate + 3 Strawberry)
> Oreo (3 Chocolate + 3 Vanilla)
> Fruity Pebbles (6 Strawberry)
> Vanilla Latte (3 Cafe Latte + 3 Vanilla)

Brown Bag Specials include 6 shakes and group access for $45.00
If you already have 6 Shakeology servings and still want group access I have room for 8 ladies. Group only fee is $15.00

I’ll have fun giveaways, salad recipes, smoothie recipes, and live group video chats and yoga sessions to help you stay motivated along the way! Pick any 3 days between February 1st and February 10th. The group closes on February 11th. I cannot WAIT to help you SLAY your sugar dragon and feel AMAZING energy! We’re gonig to have a blast doing this TOGETHER. 

I have room for 25 dragon slayers! Register TODAY!

Choose your flava slaya