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Shakeology Breakfast Bars

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These chocolatey, fiber-rich, vegan-friendly bars will help keep you satiated until lunchtime.

Shakeology Breakfast BarsTotal Time: 10 min.
Prep Time: 10 min.
Yield: 9 bars

• 4 scoops Chocolate Vegan Shakeology
• 2 cups quick-cooking old-fashioned oats
• ½ cup unsweetened grated coconut
• ¼ cup chopped raw walnuts
• ¼ cup raisins
• 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
• ½ cup natural, creamy peanut butter

1. Combine Shakeology, oats, grated coconut, walnuts, and raisins in large mixing bowl. Mix well.
2. Add almond milk and peanut butter to mixture. Mix well with clean hands.
3. Press mixture into 8×8-inch baking pan; cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
4. Cut into 9 bars.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

Calories: 300
Fat: 14g
Saturated Fat: 4g
Cholesterol: 7mg
Sodium: 122mg
Carbohydrate: 28g
Fiber: 5g
Sugar: 8g
Protein: 15g


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