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PiYo Q&A with Mindy Lawhorne

By May 1, 2014 No Comments

As you learn more about me you’ll learn what a HUGE impact this power house couple has had on my life. I met Mindy during my first year as a group fitness instructor. Since then she, and her husband Lee, have taken me under their wings. They continue to hold me accountable to my goals as a Coach on their team!

I was PUMPED when Mindy told me she would be in the new Beachbody program PiYo!

I wanted to share a Q&A from Team Beachbody on her experience.

Mindy Lawhorne - 15 Star Diamond Coach

Superstar Diamond Coach, Mindy Lawhorne, knows a winner when she sees one. Her latest discovery? PiYo, the new Pilates and yoga-inspired program from fitness legend, Chalene Johnson! Get Mindy’s take on what makes PiYo so uniquely appealing and what you can do to prepare for the long-awaited launch at Summit. So crank up the pace and strengthen your business—PiYo style!

Q. Why do you think the launch of PiYo will be a big hit?
PiYo is like no other program out there! There’s a wide variety of moves and exercises that challenge strength, balance, flexibility and core. And then there’s the party atmosphere that Chalene always delivers. Don’t expect to be sitting around doing tribal chants. This is a fun, dynamic workout designed for all fitness levels.

Q. What makes it so appealing to people who haven’t tried Chalene’s other programs?
PiYo gives you a fast paced, large-muscle group workout that challenges the beginner AND the elite athlete. And it does so without high-impact exercises that can lead to injuries and turn off newer customers. Everyone can be successful—regardless of how well they can hang on a dance floor. Minimal coordination required!

Q. Who do you see as the target audience?
Everyone! We will hit two major needs that the majority of people neglect: flexibility and nutrition. Let’s face it; flexibility training is boring. PiYo fixes that by creating energy and breathing life into these stretch and strength routines.

Find out more about the PiYo release this June! Click here!

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