Over time I have transitioned a lot of “bad” foods out of our house. A few short years ago I would go grocery shopping for my family and fill my cart with the staples: oreos, cereal, white bread, white tortillas, cheese, whole milk and more. The more I educated myself on healthy choices the more I cut out certain foods.

With three kids I had to move forward with caution and a lot of patience. If I simply eliminated all of it all at once we would have been in meltdown mode! If you’re moving towards a healthier lifestyle, take a hard look at what foods reside in your fridge and pantry and slowly eliminate the bad stuff. There are healthier choices!

I’m happy that we are almost off boxed cereal completely! I truly believe cereal is a scam. A total ripoff. Processed JUNK! I could not be more happy when my kids ask for Shakeology! Check it out and please let me know if you would like a sample! (Serious folks only!)

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