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New Video! Smoothie Recipe & No More Cereal

By June 30, 2014 No Comments

Let’s talk about CEREAL! I can eat an entire box in one sitting. No problem. Except it was a problem. We would have 5-8 boxes at any given time. The kids would have their cereal, I would have my cereal, and Darren would have his cereal. And let’s be honest…. none of it is good for you. It’s another processed, boxed up, packaged product with a fun bright commercial to boot. I had a nutritionist tell me once… if it has a commercial… don’t buy it. And ESPECIALLY don’t eat it.

This was a hard pill to swallow.  But think about it! She was RIGHT.

You’re voting with every dollar you spend in the grocery store!

My first step was cutting cereal out of my own diet. Then working on my husband. “I’d rather COOK you breakfast than you eat that cereal.” Not really that hard of a battle.


The kids…. that’s another story. I have three so I knew at least one would give me hell. “WHERE’S ALL THE CEREAL!?!?!?” Not to mention the look of other kids who come to sleep over. HA! Yeah, we’re THAT family. Kids don’t really hang out for dinner around here.

I stopped buying the really sugary stuff and transitioned to Cheerios. Then from Cheerios to nada.

It was the same slow transition from white bread to whole grains. From cows milk to almond milk. Baby steps!

So breakfast…. no creal!??! What do we eat? Eggs (so many ways!) fruit smoothies, Shakeology, pancakes…. how many more options does one really need? What’s the big deal with cereal? Maybe nothing… but you save hella money at the grocery store! The nutrient value… don’t get me started! I will say that if we go on vacation, camping, or some “special” occasion… I MIGHT buy a box. It’s rare. Take a look into your pantry and ask “What do I spend the MOST amount of money on?” (This is when I started making my own laundry soap too!) Then research and find alternatives!




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