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Welcome to the Fired Up Fit team!! Congratulations on making a commitment to your life long health. Below you will find a lot of information to get you started. We understand it may be a little overwhelming at first so make sure to save this email for future reference. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Even if you haven’t had a chance to go through all of this email, can you text me so I know you received it?

I want to do a “getting started right ” call with you to go over some things.. whatdays/times would work for us to do a 30 min call?
With this email:
1. Print the whole email and save it for future reference:
2. Complete the “Fired Up Fit About Me” form and we’ll set up a conference
call once I’ve received that. 🙂
3. I recommend making a “to-do” list from this email so that you feel less overwhelmed. And again, YOU are your own boss.. so NO pressure from me! 🙂
Secondly, realize the business takes time to build. One thing to know.. don’t try to SELL, I really mean that. Make recommendations, connect and help one person at a time (via private/personal messages) even if sometimes your advice has NOTHING to do with recommending a BB product. We’re about helping people first and foremost..and that approach is more rewarding and will get you MUCH FURTHER, and get people coming back to you! Developing trust & credibility with one person at a time, is key!!

If you want people to get interested in you & what you’re doing, be interested in THEM and their lives first 🙂

Realize mass shout outs all the time like “buy from me”, “join me”… are a turn off to most people around you, even with the best of intentions .. but get interested in others & their needs & they will be interested in you!


Quick start tips:

Facebook posts/tweets/Instagrams that inspire people, engage people in conversation and trigger people to comment is what you want – i.e. ENGAGE people (don’t just start posting all about fitness; too much will annoy your non-fitness friends rather than inspire them). In time, as you build a fitness following, you can post more & more about fitness/health but don’t come out of the gates with too much too soon 🙂

As you engage more people on a variety of topics, with a little health/fitness inspiration weaved in, it will help you get to know others better..and in getting to know others better, you’ll naturally come across opportunities to help them physically or financially (with the business opportunity).

Post 3-5 x/day w/variety of topics… but think quality posts versus quantity. On Facebook, always try to comment back to people’s comments and TAG them when you do. And when the opportunity is there to help them, send them a private msg to continue conversation…that’s where they open up and that’s where you learn HOW you can help by learning more about their current situation/need/desire. And obviously the same applies when talking/communicating face-to-face.. just be honest & genuine.

With everything you learn, think of it as info you’ll pass on to YOUR team should you choose to build this business. So take notes & start getting organized so that you can share what you learn later.

Platinum Presenters Team

Also, in addition to my team, Fired Up Fit, you’re a part of the Platinum Presenters team and so is anyone that joins you! This is a good thing! We’re the fastest growing team! Please create a membership login this week (free of course) at so you can access training resources like webinars, recorded calls, documents, etc. Your username with them will be the same as your username with Beachbody..that is how they verify you are who you say you are 🙂

What do I say if someone is interested right away??

You have 3 great resources to help:

But FIRST, when they show interest, ask them HOW they’d like to learn – a webinar?, info via message?, etc. Let THEM be in control of this.

There is ALWAYS a webinar explaining Coaching to your prospects on >> Business Presentations you can send
someone there anytime to watch it, or watch it for yourself so you can get even
MORE familiar w/the biz.

There is ALWAYS a Tues night LIVE webinar explaining what coaching is about.
To get that registration link, just visit >> LIVE
WEBINARS. You should watch to learn more yourself!

3.KNOWLEDGE = CONFIDENCE that this IS an awesome opportunity ..and that makes it easier for you to talk to others.

Get Plugged into TIPS & get FIRED UP weekly in just 2 conf calls per week:

1. Thurs night (9:30pm CST) – TEAM Platinum Presenters call . AWESOME with
priceless coach tips! To listen in LIVE, call (218)486-1616 enter PIN: 620464#
2. Monday (10:00am CST) – National Coach Call w/coaches & guest

PRICELESS INFO! (832)225-5055 PIN 90405. Again, one of the most
IMPORTANT things you can do.
If you miss the monday calls LIVE, you can always listen to the telephone
playback (832)225-5065 or mp3.

Remember, you have FOUR websites:
1) Your RETAIL website to send your customers,

2) Your Retail website that is mainly focused on Shakeology:
3) Your Retail website that is mainly focused on the Ultimate Reset:
4) Your ONLINE OFFICE at It hosts your wholesale
STORE for you to shop for yourself; it hosts information & resources about your
business, etc. This is where YOU go to manage your business as a Coach.
Realize this is a business of duplication, so feel free to copy everything and anything the leaders in the business do!

Ok, so no worries..with all of the training resources available to you things WILL start to click over TIME. Make sure to save this email for future reference!! Again, I’m excited and I hope you are too!!! I look forward to working with you!

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