A Day in Nevill Land

Nevill Land Pumpkin Carving

By October 28, 2014 No Comments

Brooke has been patiently waiting for pumpkin carving day! She made sure to remind me every day after school the number of days remaining until PUMPKIN CARVING DAY! No need to wait for older sister Bailey to get home from school “LET’S JUST DO THIS ALREADY MOM!!!”

She would have carved them weeks ago if she could! Scooping out the gunk and pumpkin guts sure does make for fun pics! You’ll have to follow me on Instagram to see the final products. Gotta wait for big sis to get home!

2014-10-28 15.18.41

2014-10-28 15.19.14

2014-10-28 15.20.00

2014-10-28 15.20.33

2014-10-28 15.21.02

2014-10-28 15.21.37


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