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My Fitness Transformation Part 4

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In April 2011 I was teaching classes, training new Flirty Girl Fitness Instructors, and managing a group exercise program in three facilities. My Coaching business was growing, my family was healthy, and things were going pretty smoothly.

I knew going into the gym management position that I would one day open my own place. I did not know when or how but I knew it was going to happen.

The gym environment is a very male dominated space. When you get up into management it can get pretty extreme! I was banging heads with the best of them and by June I was ready to tap out. We were about to open a fourth location and I, honestly, wanted no part of it. I knew going into this fourth facility would ultimately pull me further from my goals and in a direction I was not interested in. I was being spread thin and it was time to step down.

I wanted to focus on my Flirty Girls, my team, and MY business. I needed a replacement and FAST.

I had developed a pretty strong bond with one of the girls in my bootcamp and after some time we decided she would be the perfect person to take my place in management. Her name was Kristi Carter and we would soon become best friends!

Kristi and I spent a lot of time together working on the gym, developing programs, and transitioning roles. We had a lot in common, a fierce passion for helping other women, and little did we know, we would soon be opening a business TOGETHER!

The Fired Up Girls

In June, I stepped down from my management position, continued to teach my classes, and train new instructors at the gym. Kristi was managing the program and the fourth facility launch was under way.

Later that Summer, Kristi and I went on a Florida vacation together with our families. I remember standing in the ocean together discussing possibilities of opening a fitness studio together. We were day dreaming, and for the most part, joking around. The seeds were starting to sprout.

In October, my husband Darren and I, took a weekend getaway trip to Austin to visit a friend. Lisa was a fitness presenter and instructor too! We were out to dinner with one of her friends when we all started talking about opening our own studios. I did not know Lisa’s friend but he was obviously a very smart business man who was obviously very successful.

He validated my ideas, asked tough questions, and wanted to help!


He literally came over to Lisa’s house the next morning and over coffee we mapped out the first few steps. We sat for hours discussing possibilities. By the time we left Austin my mind was SPINNING. There was something very magical about having a complete stranger validate my idea. He did not know me, my experience, or my story. But I trusted Lisa and I trusted him. He heard a business proposal and enthusiastically said “GO FOR IT!”

On October 8, 2012, driving home to Fort Worth up I-35, I called Kristi and said I’m DOING THIS. Come with me! I held my breath and she said “YES!”

Back home we now had to figure out the easiest way for us BOTH to transition OUT of our positions at the gym.

By November, I knew I needed to separate myself completely and made the difficult decision to give up all of my classes. Kristi quit in December. By January 2013 we were working full time to open our brick and mortar fitness studio called Fired Up Fitness.

To be continued…

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