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A Day in the Life as a Moto Mom

By July 12, 2016 No Comments

Race day is always an adventure! DJ started riding about two years ago and typically races once or twice each month. We are all blown away by what he does on the bike! He’s fast and fearless but he definitely did not start out that way.

DJ’s first exposure to dirt bikes started in early 2013. ┬áHe was six years old. His first race was February 23, 2014. It ended faster than it began. DJ made one practice lap, went down, and decided he did not want to race. Both Dad and DJ came home super frustrated that day.

After that, everything turned around. DJ came back, raced again, and finished. He continues to progress as a rider and we get so excited to watch him race!

This past weekend DJ raced in the Texas Off Road National series. I had some fun vlogging throughout the day! Check out a day in the life of a motocross family!

The adventures continue! Comment below if you are digging the dirt bike action. More fun to come.

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