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Meet Carb Queen Sidonie

By July 7, 2017 No Comments

I met British bombshell Sidonie at Fired Up Fitness! She had recently moved to the states and had been coming to different workout classes and making great progress with her fitness goals. She started the Carb Queen program to learn about carb cycling and kick-start healthier eating habits. I asked her why she decided to become a Carb Queen and here’s what she had to say…

“I’m an English girl living in Texas and couldn’t be any happier! I workout at Fired Up Fitness and love getting my sweat on as much as possible during the week. I’m doing this for a few reasons. I have family visiting, birthdays to celebrate, and holidays! This means I’ve fallen into some bad eating habits. I think this program is going to help me learn a better way of eating to live a healthier life. I’m hoping for weight loss too!”

It did not take long for Sidonie to become a Carb Queen pro! She had a good workout rhythm going and it took a week, maybe two, for her to catch on to as a Carb Queen.

When you hit a plateau with your progress that’s typically a good sign that it’s time to change it up and most likely clean up your nutrition. Your workouts should push you to eat better. I know that I can definitely feel the difference when I step into a workout.

We discuss mindset, lifestyle shifts, and work together every day to make it all flow together! I want to help you remove the guilt associated with eating the foods you love. Eat the French fries, eat the donut, enjoy the cold beverage! When you work hard, eat well, and have a solid plan in place you can enjoy the treats GUILT FREE. Sidonie was able to enjoy the parties, travel, and holidays while rocking the Carb Queen life. The Carb Queen course will show you the way!

You’ll feel motivated, encouraged, and fully supported in this program. Sidonie says that she loves the energy, motivation, consistency, and communication she experienced as a Carb Queen. “You reached out to all of us and I know you are always there when I have a question or need a little push.” 

“Learning how to fuel my body for my workouts was huge! I’ve been doing all sorts of fitness
classes with no structure in my nutrition so this has been a great lesson.”  -Sidonie

I want to help you find optimal health while living a balanced life! Fitness and nutrition should feel fun, not overwhelming. We are bombarded with new trends, diets, and information every single day. Let me help you sort through the noise, get out of your head, and into living your very best life. French fries included!

For more information sign up and download my free Simplified Guide to Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting. Read more about the Carb Queen program and register for my next cycle starting soon!

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