I Tried Pound Fitness!

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Tuesdays always seem to be a good networking day. I do not want to talk to anyone on Monday. I would rather spend the day in my bubble preparing for the week. By Tuesday I’m amp’d up to talk to some people!

Living in Fort Worth makes it easy. There are SO MANY opportunities to meet AMAZINGLY COOL people.

This morning Kristi and I were invited to a networking event at the Colonial Country Club. (Swank)  Breakfast was included. Bonus. I think our ears buzzed a few times as everyone introduced themselves around the room. Just about every contractor we could ever need for the studio buildout was in attendance.

Networking is hella fun. Be careful though… it CAN BE hella BORING if you select the wrong crowd to network with!

Luckily, I run with a pretty entertaining crowd!

After the posh networking we decided to POUND it out with my dear friend and fellow instructor April Sunshine Hawkins. And just like her name promises… she is truly a ray of sunshine!

1538728_637181406336644_5624561580467269622_nMy first experience of POUND was awesome! What is POUND? Think Pilates with drum sticks….. and then some.

I’ve been hearing about it over the past few months… waiting for my perfect opportunity to try it out.

The music was rockin and April did an awesome job keeping us moving and grooving. Shoes are optional! I definitely had to take a couple of breathers between sets.

I can definitely see this format at Fired Up Fitness. And I can DEFINITELY see myself teaching it one day.

It’s no wonder this class is all the rage. You’ve gotta try it!

Check out the Pound Workout:

Poundfit Fitness 

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