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I Need Three Reasons to Smile Today

By June 26, 2012 No Comments

Go into YOUR day with a smile on your face. If you need a good reason to smile please continue to read. I will give you three.

1. We don’t smile enough. At least I don’t. So maybe you could smile a little more for me?

2. You are in control, through God and the Universe, on how you FEEL. Do not play victim and let outside “forces” control the way you REACT to situations or people. Smile and make the best out of every minute.

3. You have choices, beyond imaginable belief, that you need to be open and aware of today. How can you be open to positive influence and choice with a scowl all over your face? Keep your chin held high and serve the needs of others today. I guarantee it will come back around to you. You have so much to give!

It is easy to let our minds slip. Some would event say it is natural. We all make mistakes. We all want to do better. I pray we can all stay present in our day. Little steps… little choices add up over time.  Get out there and crush it today. Make it count. Cheers to you and yours. Cheers to Tuesdays!

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