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How To Freeze Bananas for Smoothies

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12414006_10153514027218101_1167342193_oI post to Instagram every time I buy a case of bananas. I bulk freeze these suckers for smoothies. After I post I end up getting private messages asking about my process. So here it is!

1. Buy a case of bananas (Usually will run around $23 for 40lbs of bananas) If you are the ONLY person in your house drinking smoothies… you probably do not need a case. Every person in my family of five drinks a smoothie at least once a day. 

2. Typically the bananas are not ripe enough to freeze. I leave them in the box for a few days until they start spotting.

3. Grab a cookie sheet (something that will fit in your freezer!) and start peeling! I use parchment paper so they won’t stick when I’m ready to transfer.

4. This is a process you’ll need to repeat until you are out of bananas. (Unless you have multiple freezers or a LOT of room for cookie sheets.) Sometimes I will start a few days early before the bananas are really ready.. it’s not going to kill you if the bananas are not totally ripe.

5. After the bananas are frozen (or nearly frozen if I’m impatient) I transfer them to an air tight container like this. The bananas are good in your freezer for a few months. We typically run through ours in two weeks.

If you find this banana blog useful please comment below or share! Breaking up the bananas into smaller chunks will make it easier for your blender to do it’s job. I use to break them in half until I realized it was taking a lot longer to blend. Smaller chunks = less time. Less time = a good thing!

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