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Meal Prepping Tips with Video

By April 13, 2012 No Comments

I was reading a blog post from Gabby Reece this morning (LOVE her!)  about scheduling out your meals for the day in advance. I have noticed a few patterns with myself that lead me to listen closely to what she said.

I have realized I need to get everything that matters done as early in the day as possible. After all, if I am a busy mom that packs lunches the afternoon before…. why am I not also packing my own? If you read any time management book they will tell you to do the BIG tasks from your todo list first!

I am starting think Gabby  is on to something. By the time I get to 3pm my mind seems to shut down. I stop thinking and simply want to relax and enjoy my family. I am definitely going to make time for more food preparation!

Plan an hour of your day (morning if you are a procrastinating perfectionist like me!) two days a week to focus on food! Preparing healthy cut up veggies and fruit! What can you do in an hour a few times a week to keep you on track? I love the Mind Over Munch Youtube videos. She had GREAT tips for meal prepping.

Comment below and tell me how you stayed prepared in the kitchen.


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