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Happy 10th Birthday DJ Nevill

By June 14, 2016 No Comments

DJ is ten years old! Time flies. We keep birthdays pretty low key. We typically have dinner as a family and do a few gifts. DJ’s birthday fell on a Tuesday this year so we met up with daddy after work for some roller skating action! Afterward, we went to dinner for some yummy Tex-mex! Daddy thinks mommy influenced DJ’s decision for his birthday dinner but mommy totally did NOT. He just has good sense.

Fajitas anyone?

DJ is our youngest child and our only son. He’s a funny kid who loves adventure! He keeps my blood pressure in check with his love of motocross. I’m in awe of courage on the bike. Follow all of DJ’s motocross action here. ¬†For more GoPro race footage click here.

I cannot believe it’s been ten years already.

Happy Birthday, Bub, we love you!

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