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Friday Favorites September 15, 2017

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Welcome to another installment of my Friday Favorites!

I’m sharing five previously listed items first then the most current list of favorites below that! If you want the newest list of items delivered to your inbox be sure to subscribe to this list!

Previously Listed Faves

My White Shoes

Loving these fresh white kicks! 

The Universe Has Your Back

This is the book I’ve been recommending to ALL of my friends lately. I like the audio version through the Audible app.

Morning Meditation App

This Box Breathing app is what I’ve been using for my morning meditations.

The Vegan Vibe Tribe

Our lil Vegan Vibe Tribe community group is growing and flourishing over on Facebook! If you want to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet then this is a great place to start! You do not need to be a Vegan to be a part of this community.

Instagram Magnets

These little magnets are so damn cool and make GREAT gifts!

Current Faves

Grilled PB&J Recipe

Have you ever had a grilled cheese sandwich? Of course! Who hasnt? Have you ever had a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Most haven’t! You’ve GOT TO TRY IT!

The Dodo

The DoDo is one of my top five Instagram accounts to follow!

Love & Gratitude Challenge

I’ve mentioned my love for Darren Hardy before. I love his Darren Daily texts! Recently, he put out a 90-day challenge and I took him up on it. I’ve been writing daily love notes in a journal to my husband that I will gift to him on Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas. I have not decided yet! Check it out and join in!

Hard Labor

My husband, Darren, and I recently completed a “Week of Hard Labor” through our fitness on demand app. It was a week of challenging workouts that we did together. If you do not have Beachbody On Demand I cannot recommend it enough!

Brene Brown

This interview between Marie Forleo and Brene Brown is everything.

Thanks for checking out this week’s list!

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