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Friday Favorites October 13, 2017

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Welcome to another installment of my Friday Favorites!

I’m sharing five previously listed items first then the most current list of favorites below that! If you want the newest list of items delivered to your inbox be sure to subscribe to this list!

Previously Listed Faves

Bluetooth Remote

If you use Snapchat this will help with your hands-free snaps!

Aerial Hammock

Here’s where I purchased my aerial hammocks. If you order one for your home be sure to use the code FIRED UP.

THE Best Cereal

This ain’t no Lucky Charms. It’s BETTER! My favorite cereal recipe.

New Music

Need some new workout tunes? Give this playlist a shot.

Current Faves

Farewell FUF

I’ve decided to close my studio! I made the annoucnement last week on Facebook that I’ll be closing Fired Up Fitness later this month.


Studio One

I will still be leading workouts at a few different places. Most of my classes will be held at Studio One Dance Center. I’ll keep you guys updated on the others as soon as everything is confirmed.

Dirty John

I got hooked on this six-episode podcast earlier this week. I binged and listened to all six episodes in two days. I guess you’d call it a suspense story? Either way, it’s pretty good! 


If you need something a little more upbeat then check out another one of my absolute favorite Instagram accounts!

Vegan Chipotle

If you know me then you know that I LOVE Mexican food. Nothing beats Chipotle for a quick delicious burrito! Here’s how I order vegan style at Chipotle.

Thanks for checking out this week’s list!

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