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Friday Favorites November 24, 2017

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Welcome to another installment of my Friday Favorites!

I’m sharing five previously listed items first then the most current list of favorites below that! If you want the newest list of items delivered to your inbox be sure to subscribe to this list!

Previously Listed Faves


If you need a good family movie to watch this weekend. Watch Okja!

Squatty Potty Podcast

This is how I first learned of the almighty Squatty Potty. Listen to the Glambition Radio Podcast here.

Shoe Inserts

I keep shoe inserts in ALL of my kicks.

Delicious Smoothie Recipe

Need a new smoothie recipe? Try this one!


Grammarly is the best app ever invented. Add this extension to Chrome asap!

Current Faves

Cardio Concert Adventure

I went to a fitness cardio concert last weekend! The instructor was Caleb Marshall who has a really popular youtube channel called The Fitness Marshall. I LOVE his stuff. I filmed a few clips throughout the adventure. Check out the VLOG! 



Reebok Freestyle

I know I just told you last week that I get most of my kicks from Dr. Jays but look at what I found on Reebok!

A Meat Free Thanksgiving?

The holidays can be tricky AF if you are new to eating a plant-based diet. Here are a ton of resources to help with the transition!

Foo Fighters

Do you love the FOO? I know me too right. Watch this pronto. 

Thanks for checking out this week’s list!

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