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Freestyle Friday Cardio Hip Hop

By March 4, 2016 No Comments

People tell me that they can’t dance ALL OF THE TIME.

I believe EVERYONE CAN dance. Maybe you don’t think you’re GOOD at it… but you can do it. It’s mostly a matter of confidence! Keep trying. Keep dancing. Who cares if you’re good or not!

In this weeks episode you’ll get to see me learning a dance for the first time. I feel a little ridiculous as I’m sure most people do stepping into a group fitness class or trying and dance fitness class for the first time. Should it stop ya? NO!

I say give it 3-4 times before you really decide if you like it. Get up and figure it out with me! No matter how you move… you’re still MOVING!!! Leave me your comments… let me know you’re tuning into Freestyle Friday! I’m so excited for a NEW MONTH of freestyle videos! Are YOU?

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