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Florida Vlog Recap

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Last year I hired a business coach to help me scale my business and hold me accountable to my goals. Working with a coach has helped me gain awesome outside perspective and pushed me to dream bigger! I decided to work with Amanda after stalking her out on Periscope for several weeks. I met Amanda Tress in April 2015 at a leadership retreat hosted by my Beachbody mentor Mindy Lawhorne.

Mindy had partnered up with her best friend and fellow Beachbody mentor Michelle Myers to host a leadership retreat. Amanda is a part of Michelle’s leadership team, I am part of Mindy’s, and that’s how we were originally connected.

I was immediately attracted to Amanda’s approach to Beachbody, business, and female entrepreneurs. She is a little spitfire who gets right to the point and I appreciate her genuine fierceness. Amanda and her team offer several resources and business mentorship programs to female entrepreneurs in all industries especially wellness and fitness.

I decided to join her 30 day accelerator course in November, then was invited into her year long mentorship program, and pretty much immediately went into a 3 month intensive program. I just returned from a VIP weekend Amanda hosted in Florida!

We had brainstorming, beach, and grind sessions all weekend. The perfect kind of business trip!

I loved the small group that we had and all of the mini photo shoots along the way! It was fun to be around women who GOT IT when it came to taking pictures for social media. I would laugh along the way because all five of us would have our phones out taking selfies and making videos. We had no shame in our selfie game!

We can all benefit from the accountability and push that comes with hiring a business coach, personal trainer, or assistant. By hiring a coach of my own I am a better coach to my clients! Amanda and I live in different states and operate through text, email, and Facebook. Anything is possible if you’re open to the possibilities!

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