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Favorite Moments from 2016

By January 12, 2017 No Comments

It is almost the middle of January and I still feel I’m in reflection mode. I’m not beat myself up over this fact. I have yet to really nail down any solid list of goals for myself and I wonder what HAS indeed progressed since this time last year? I think it’s okay if you’re still unclear.

If you’re anything like me 2016 was full of crazy highs and ferocious lows. My word of the year was “GROWTH.” I think God took that request VERY seriously and led me through the ringer in a lot of ways. I also witnessed great miracles.

I do not look back very often. I like to reflect, learn, pick up, and move on. But as I look back over this past year and try to visualize forward at what’s ahead I ask what do I truly want to happen? What if I could map it out from start to finish? What do I want to do each day? Who do I want to see? Where do I want to go? Who do I want to BE?

My first thought is to “keep it simple.” For me simple means being at home, being with family, laughing with friends, experiencing excitement, and taking adventures.

How can I make this simple way of living a reality? What do THOSE goals look like? What is currently stopping me? The answers are DO THE THINGS now. Today.
The goals revolve around being financially free, to continue building a strong business, and to put my family on my calendar first. Simple.

I loved the idea of making a memory box video from some of my favorite 2016 moments. I’m already collecting and planning memories for 2017!

My power word of the year for 2017 is “SIMPLIFY.” I believe if I simplify every area of my life will be less chaotic, cluttered, and complicated. I can approach every situation with SIMPLE solutions. I can simplify my closets, cabinets, and drawers. My schedule. My to-do list. Meal plans. EVERYTHING.

Do you tend to over think, analyze, and complicate matters in your own life? What does SIMPLIFY mean to you?

I’m on a mission to get clear about what I’d like to have happen this year. Some things are obvious so that’s where I’ll start. I’m writing this blog, sharing my memory box, and encouraging you to live with intention. If you’re not into goal setting that’s cool. I don’t get it. But I respect it. Maybe instead of a list of goals you make a list of intentions. More time with your family. More time focused on healthy food choices. More time in the gym. Whatever it is get CLEAR and keep it simple.

I love the SMART acronym for setting intentions and goals. Ask yourself is my goal:

S – Specific – “I want to spend more time with my family” is not specific enough. “I will have one date with my spouse weekly on Friday nights.”
M – Measurable – Ask “How would I know your goal is complete?”
A – Attainable – Is your goal to be on American Idol or is your goal to audition for American Idol?
R – Realistic – Is the goal applicable to your life?
T – Timely – What is your goal date? When will it be complete?

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