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Do You Vote?

By March 1, 2016 No Comments


BAD officials are elected by GOOD citizens who don’t vote. -George Jean Nathan

Within the next 4 years, you may be getting a job, owning or renting your own house, getting married, starting a family, paying for health care, or building a business.
The policies you vote for today will have a huge influence on your life.
Do you really want to leave those decisions up to someone else? (Like Trump lovers?!)

You’re living life as an adult now. Despite conventional attitudes Much of your daily life involves very serious and important decisions. You manage your finances; you are taking charge of your continued education and career; you are doing your best, every day, to improve yourself and life for your family.

In essence, your vote matters most because you are able to cast it! I can’t imagine living in a time when women were not allowed to.

Go voice your opinions on issues, policies, candidates, and referendums. Stand up for what you believe in. Vote! ✌

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