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A Dance Fitness Transformation Story

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Have you ever walked into a group fitness class scared out of your mind not knowing what to expect? We’ve all been new at some point! I remember my first class as if it were yesterday.

I remember when Amanda came into my class for the first time.

She came in and stood in the very back. Then she came back again. And again.  I’ll randomly film a dance or two during class and luckily on one such occasion she was there. And she did not walk out on me. I cherish this video because it’s a reminder of how something that might seem so silly, to some, can totally change someones life. I get to see women walk into my dance fitness class nervous, anxious, and sometimes straight up scared. Only to walk out feeling confident, motivated, and INSPIRED.

Something clicked for Amanda.

The girl, who once stood in the back of the class, decided to take charge of her health and has totally transformed! She now stands front and center teaching her OWN classes!

Amanda has lost over 100lbs on her own. I’m just lucky enough to be along for the journey! I’m so thankful for her stepping out of her comfort zone that day. I’m so proud of her for paying it forward. She is inspiring people by the droves.

*My mentor Mindy Lawhorne and one of my best friends Amanda Majors…*

Mindy Lawhorne Amanda Majors

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