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When your challenge group members need some extra momentum, here is something you can try for 4 weeks or less. For example, if you’re doing a challenge group for 60 or 90 days, you might want to post this the second month or even the last month so that people stay engaged and most of the responsibility is placed in their hands. I’ve done this a few times and it’s gone over very well! Keep in mind that there might be a few of your challengers who don’t want to do this, but the majority of them do. I don’t make it a requirement, just highly encouraged!

This is what I post in the challenge group:


Select a job listed below.  You will have this job for one week.  After that, you will choose another job for the next week, and yet another for the last week of the challenge.  First come, first serve!!

List of Jobs and their descriptions:

You-Tuber: You will only use You Tube as your resource. Type in any subject you’d like health and fitness related, copy and paste the link into our group to share!


Motivational Mind: Use Pinterest as your resource, finding pictures that are motivating to you and think that we would enjoy too.

For example: Find a spiritual quote that is inspiring or a workout/fitness picture with a quote that you think we would enjoy as motivation.


Magazine Mania: Have a subscription to a Health and Fitness related magazine? Well, this job might be for you. Choose an article that is really helpful in this subject area and post it to this group! I love my “Health” magazine and learn so much about the human body including brain foods, how to take better care of our skin, and things to try to be a “healthier me”.


Fitness Fanatic: If you’re interested in learning more about exercise science, group fitness, or anything that talk about working out, this might be right up your alley. Your resources could range from some article, the radio, from the news, sky’s the limit.


Random Ranter: Have something on your mind? Maybe you want to tell us about it! I find to be quite amusing myself.


Recipe Resource: Post a picture of your food (could be from a restaurant, a cookbook, magazine article, website, or from your own kitchen) and share with us the recipe!


Nutrition Nibble: This job will have you posting about a fact on nutrition. Resources could be from wherever!

For example: “Indian food is rich in curcumin, an antioxidant found in turmeric and cumin that’s been shown to boost memory. Try adding these spices to your meals (or calling for takeout!) several times a week.”


Quick Questioner: Got a question on your mind that would engage us? Post it! It could cover any subject you want.

Try using the JOBS in your accountability group to help keep everyone engaged and entertained! Let me know how it goes.

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