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The Fitness Marshall Cardio Concert

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Back in March, I shared a blog post about my dance adventure with The Fitness Marshall. Well guess what! He came back! This time he was at Gilley’s in Dallas. So we loaded up and drove across DFW to the Southside for another Fitness Marshall experience.

This class was even better than before! The energy was buzzing and the room was packed. I loved the crew that led the warm-up. I took a class with them not too long ago at Fired Up Fitness that was equally awesome!

It’s always a special treat when amazing instructors come to town and share their energy! The Fitness Marshall rocks. If you don’t follow him on YouTube you totally should.

The class I took back in March was a blast I was so happy to hear he was coming back! Men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages flooded the dance floor and let loose to the groove. For over an hour we were all in our own little world laughing, dancing, and playing. He was up on a stage with his back up dancers so it was WAY easier to see and follow along this time. I loved his playlist too!

It wasn’t just a workout it truly was an experience.

After the cardio concert, we went to dinner at the Cosmic Cafe.  I had the Cosmic Stir. A vegan dish with fried asparagus, broccoli, bell peppers, onions, carrots, squash, snow peas and tofu sauteed with a yogurt and ginger sauce – served over rice with a salad. Pretty yummy! Super cool little place and a perfect ending to an awesome day.

The Fitness Marshall Cardio Concert

Peace out 2016 (1)

Favorite Moments from 2016

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It is almost the middle of January and I still feel I’m in reflection mode. I’m not beat myself up over this fact. I have yet to really nail down any solid list of goals for myself and I wonder what HAS indeed progressed since this time last year? I think it’s okay if you’re still unclear.

If you’re anything like me 2016 was full of crazy highs and ferocious lows. My word of the year was “GROWTH.” I think God took that request VERY seriously and led me through the ringer in a lot of ways. I also witnessed great miracles.

I do not look back very often. I like to reflect, learn, pick up, and move on. But as I look back over this past year and try to visualize forward at what’s ahead I ask what do I truly want to happen? What if I could map it out from start to finish? What do I want to do each day? Who do I want to see? Where do I want to go? Who do I want to BE?

My first thought is to “keep it simple.” For me simple means being at home, being with family, laughing with friends, experiencing excitement, and taking adventures.

How can I make this simple way of living a reality? What do THOSE goals look like? What is currently stopping me? The answers are DO THE THINGS now. Today.
The goals revolve around being financially free, to continue building a strong business, and to put my family on my calendar first. Simple.

I loved the idea of making a memory box video from some of my favorite 2016 moments. I’m already collecting and planning memories for 2017!

My power word of the year for 2017 is “SIMPLIFY.” I believe if I simplify every area of my life will be less chaotic, cluttered, and complicated. I can approach every situation with SIMPLE solutions. I can simplify my closets, cabinets, and drawers. My schedule. My to-do list. Meal plans. EVERYTHING.

Do you tend to over think, analyze, and complicate matters in your own life? What does SIMPLIFY mean to you?

I’m on a mission to get clear about what I’d like to have happen this year. Some things are obvious so that’s where I’ll start. I’m writing this blog, sharing my memory box, and encouraging you to live with intention. If you’re not into goal setting that’s cool. I don’t get it. But I respect it. Maybe instead of a list of goals you make a list of intentions. More time with your family. More time focused on healthy food choices. More time in the gym. Whatever it is get CLEAR and keep it simple.

I love the SMART acronym for setting intentions and goals. Ask yourself is my goal:

S – Specific – “I want to spend more time with my family” is not specific enough. “I will have one date with my spouse weekly on Friday nights.”
M – Measurable – Ask “How would I know your goal is complete?”
A – Attainable – Is your goal to be on American Idol or is your goal to audition for American Idol?
R – Realistic – Is the goal applicable to your life?
T – Timely – What is your goal date? When will it be complete?

Muddy jeep picture

Why I Got Rid of My Jeep Wrangler

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Please let me explain why I am so obsessed with this jeep.

I’ve always had transportation issues.


Growing up, we lived in the sticks. My family did not typically have, what you would call, a “dependable” vehicle.

I was ALWAYS bummin rides home from practice and random activities. By the time I was old enough to drive I was living with my single mother and two younger brothers. The idea of getting a ride of my own seemed pretty much impossible. Then the day came and I turned sixteen! I was so excited as we drove to the DMV to get my new drivers license. Took the test, passed, and then booked it to the nearest dealership.

Just kidding… I booked it to the nearest job.

Seriously, DMV, test, and then straight to the outlet mall to get a J-O-B!

I wanted to help offset the cost of high school for my mom and have my own spending money. So we shared her little Jimmy SUV and I started working part time.

My dad eventually came through with a “car” for me. That thing was such a POS.

I cannot remember the model but it was an old white Mercury coupe that had obviously been owned by a Hill County gangster in it’s previous life.

white boy

It had the darkest tinted windows I had ever seen (until I met Darren.) It had red fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror.

And the best part…  the valve caps on the tires matched.

Red dice. Not joking.


The car lasted a total of two weeks.

I was on the side of the road more than I was behind the wheel.

My mom and I continued to share the Jimmy and I continued to bum rides from my friends.

When I graduated High School it was off to college! My moms boyfriend, now husband, generously gave me his Jeep Cherokee to take to school. This is not it… but looks pretty similar.

Rudys Jeep

I was in my second semester at UTA driving home from class when the guy in front on the ramp slams on his breaks getting onto the interstate.  I then slam into the back of him. Awesome.

I had the typical college freshman credit score and crossed my fingers that I could get approved for a used car with no money down. I did!  I drove off the lot in a used Nissan Sentra and a ridiculously high interest rate.

At that point in time I was living in Fort Worth with my boyfriend Darren, going to UTA, and working at the reception desk of a large hotel chain. The little car was working out well. I was making payments, paying my insurance, and then I was pregnant.

I was nineteen and freaking out just a little bit.

Okay a lot a bit.

About three months into my pregnancy I dropped out of school. I had “morning sickness” pretty much any time my eyes were open.

If I ate food I puked. If I stood up I puked. If I sat down I puked.

Sitting through 60 minutes of class was impossible. I became a distraction getting up and down to hurl cookies in the hallway trash can.

Eight months into my pregnancy I was fired from my hotel job.

Cited “bad attitude” or some crap.

Ya think?

Darren and I were living in a two bedroom apartment that we had shared with is sister. When she had moved out Darren took over her portion of the rent. We were “making it” but barely. I was in tears when I called him and I can only imagine his level of stress at that time.

We agreed that if I got rid of the Nissan payment then I could just stay at home with the baby.


I called my brother who had just turned sixteen to see if he’d like to take over the payments. He agreed and I became a stay at home mom!

We downsized apartments and moved closer to Darren’s work. I was able to take him to work on days that we had doctor appointments or whatever. We were making it work as a single car family.  Then we moved further away.

And then further. Had another baby.

And then even further. Had another baby.

Eventually, we moved to the outskirts of the metroplex and a good half hour from Darren’s work. It was more of a hassle loading up three little kids to take Dad to work than it was worth. I was back to bumming rides with friends.

We were renting a house in a community FULL of stay at home moms. I made friends fast and figured out ways to keep us entertained close to home.

Since I was home a lot it only made since to add more kids to the chaos. I started babysitting for a few working friends. It was kid city. Needless to say those years were INSANE in the membrane.

I think I’ve blocked most of the trauma.

Four or five toddler babies running around screaming in a house full of tile flooring. FUN.

Did I mention LOUD NOISES are a pet peeve?

Did I mention we were a single car family for more than SIX YEARS?

Darren worked his ass off and by the end of 2007 we got a second vehicle! I’ve never been to prison, but I can imagine what that day of freedom feels like when you finally get out. I was officially a member of the minivan mom mafia.

Deep inside, I had issues with this. A minivan!?! I was twenty five! Wasn’t I suppose to be driving a Honda Accord or used Ford Mustang? You know, something cute that twenty somethings drive.

I was OBSESSED with Mustangs in High School and was certain I would have one someday.

I didn’t complain. Trust me, I was THANKFUL for four wheels and running engine. The air conditioner works!?! BONUS! I drove my minivan with pride. My kids were safe and we were free to roam!

Once I had one kid out of a car seat I was searching for a way get out of the minivan mafia alive. We started looking around for something we could fit three kids in that would not cramp my style. We had discussed a jeep but it did not seem REASONABLE with the kids so we dismissed it.

We eventually traded in for a Honda Pilot SUV! It wasn’t a bus and I thought it was totally cute. I was happy! Darren was still making two car payments when we built our first house and became home owners. I was getting the fitness bug and started earning more income from home when I decided to take a job teaching fitness classes at the gym. It felt good to help out with the bills at home but I really wanted to do more.

Enter Molly.

Darren had taken the Pilot to be serviced at the dealership when he texted me a picture of this jeep.

Texas jeeps

I was irritated. I’m pretty sure my response was something like…

“What are you thinking?! Why are you teasing me?! We can NOT get that!”

He said he was just looking.

Next thing you know I’m test driving it.

The payments would be the same as the Pilot and I was earning just enough to take over the monthly payment. This was my opportunity to help!  I felt like a BIG GIRL making BIG GIRL moves.

Meet "Molly"

It was an awesome Birthday present to myself that year!

It was May 2012 and I was in the process of opening my own fitness studio with my best friend, Kristi. A few months after getting Molly, Kristi bought a Jeep too! We were building our own little Jeep Mafia (just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Minivan Mafia! lol)

Jeep girls

We had a LOT of fun together in the Jeeps.

I’ve since fallen head over heels in LOVE with my Jeep. It is one of my happiest places to be. I love taking the doors off and driving down back roads with music BLARING.  The thought of driving ANYTHING else makes me want to cry.

When my tires started to wear thin (and I mean THIN) we discussed trading her in. Did I REALLY want to pay $300 per tire? No.

Did I?

YES. She is MINE.

Then the noises started. So I had it worked on. Then the noises got serious. So I had it worked on some more. Then I couldn’t drive it faster than 35mpg without going into a MAJOR death wobble. To the point I would have to completely stop.

Not cool.

This brings us to current day times. It’s July 2016 and Molly has been in the shop for three days. She has a lot of issues (several stemming from the previous two owners) and if you follow me on Snapchat you get to hear of these issues often.

Discussions have started up again over getting into something different. Darren and I have visited dealerships on two separate occasions where we leave pretty much in a fight. Me not wanting to part ways and him wanting me in something more reliable. He knows I love her.

We went to the dealership this morning to pick up parts and decided to take a look at the Jeeps on the lot. We found one that looked a LOT like Molly only newer and more shiney. I went to pick up my Jeep from the doctor to drive it to the dealership for an appraisal. When I picked up the Jeep the mechanic looked me square in the face and said “IT’S DANGEROUS TO DRIVE. We suggest you have it towed.”

Being cheap I decided to risk it. I told him I was “just going down the street” and prayed the entire way back to the dealership. Luckily, Kristi was following me in her Jeep and I made it safely.

By the time we got back the new Jeep was detailed, waiting, and sitting pretty.

A few differences:

Went from a 2011 to a 2015 JK Sport Unlimited

No more crap electric windows! All windows FUNCTION! WOO!

Hard top to a soft top. Let’s pray this was a smart decision!

And it smells good!


Meet "Betty White!"

Betty White Jeep

I have a lot of fun memories from my first Jeep including a dramatic car chase after cutting through some guys yard. (He was PISSED and THAT was stupid) Mudding along side the interstate, CRUSHING the muddy Jeep photo shoot, and rain. Lots and lots of RAIN.

Let’s see if I can keep myself out of trouble and Betty White out of the rain!

After all of the heart ache and vehicle struggle over the years it feels GOOD drive a FUN beast machine. This thing is my guilty pleasure for sure. It’s not the most budget or gas friendly ride but bigger tires means lower speed which means fewer speeding tickets! Ayyyyyy.

What is YOUR dream ride? Comment! I’d love to see how many Jeepers are reading!

Tampa Florida VIP Weekend

Florida Vlog Recap

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Last year I hired a business coach to help me scale my business and hold me accountable to my goals. Working with a coach has helped me gain awesome outside perspective and pushed me to dream bigger! I decided to work with Amanda after stalking her out on Periscope for several weeks. I met Amanda Tress in April 2015 at a leadership retreat hosted by my Beachbody mentor Mindy Lawhorne.

Mindy had partnered up with her best friend and fellow Beachbody mentor Michelle Myers to host a leadership retreat. Amanda is a part of Michelle’s leadership team, I am part of Mindy’s, and that’s how we were originally connected.

I was immediately attracted to Amanda’s approach to Beachbody, business, and female entrepreneurs. She is a little spitfire who gets right to the point and I appreciate her genuine fierceness. Amanda and her team offer several resources and business mentorship programs to female entrepreneurs in all industries especially wellness and fitness.

I decided to join her 30 day accelerator course in November, then was invited into her year long mentorship program, and pretty much immediately went into a 3 month intensive program. I just returned from a VIP weekend Amanda hosted in Florida!

We had brainstorming, beach, and grind sessions all weekend. The perfect kind of business trip!

I loved the small group that we had and all of the mini photo shoots along the way! It was fun to be around women who GOT IT when it came to taking pictures for social media. I would laugh along the way because all five of us would have our phones out taking selfies and making videos. We had no shame in our selfie game!

We can all benefit from the accountability and push that comes with hiring a business coach, personal trainer, or assistant. By hiring a coach of my own I am a better coach to my clients! Amanda and I live in different states and operate through text, email, and Facebook. Anything is possible if you’re open to the possibilities!