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How to Use Snapchat

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I’ve recently become addicted to Snapchat. This app makes sending short video clips and videos to friends a lot of fun. You can edit, morph, and create crazy cool updates that showcase what’s going on in your day.

I hosted a short webinar to show a few friends how to use Snapchat. Please check out the tutorial and let me know if it’s helpful by commenting beneath the video.

There are several useful videos on YouTube showing Snapchat hacks. Learn more hints and how to tips by clicking here!


7 Day Coach Basics

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If you’re wanting to get into a solid weekly routine that will give you results not only in your fitness but in your coaching business you need to register for our Fired Up Fit Team 7 day Coach Basic training group!

I will lay out my day to day routine as a Team Beachbody Coach. Including the tools, programs, and apps I use for efficiency. I will show you how I grow a business within my busy schedule and how you can too! You will also have the opportunity to hear from other successful coaches and their approach to fitness and business.

I know it can feel overwhelming as a new coach and want to help guide and support you. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in longer focus groups once you complete the 7 day basics!

Please register below.



Challenge Group Jobs

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When your challenge group members need some extra momentum, here is something you can try for 4 weeks or less. For example, if you’re doing a challenge group for 60 or 90 days, you might want to post this the second month or even the last month so that people stay engaged and most of the responsibility is placed in their hands. I’ve done this a few times and it’s gone over very well! Keep in mind that there might be a few of your challengers who don’t want to do this, but the majority of them do. I don’t make it a requirement, just highly encouraged!

This is what I post in the challenge group:


Select a job listed below.  You will have this job for one week.  After that, you will choose another job for the next week, and yet another for the last week of the challenge.  First come, first serve!!

List of Jobs and their descriptions:

You-Tuber: You will only use You Tube as your resource. Type in any subject you’d like health and fitness related, copy and paste the link into our group to share!


Motivational Mind: Use Pinterest as your resource, finding pictures that are motivating to you and think that we would enjoy too.

For example: Find a spiritual quote that is inspiring or a workout/fitness picture with a quote that you think we would enjoy as motivation.


Magazine Mania: Have a subscription to a Health and Fitness related magazine? Well, this job might be for you. Choose an article that is really helpful in this subject area and post it to this group! I love my “Health” magazine and learn so much about the human body including brain foods, how to take better care of our skin, and things to try to be a “healthier me”.


Fitness Fanatic: If you’re interested in learning more about exercise science, group fitness, or anything that talk about working out, this might be right up your alley. Your resources could range from some article, the radio, from the news, sky’s the limit.


Random Ranter: Have something on your mind? Maybe you want to tell us about it! I find to be quite amusing myself.


Recipe Resource: Post a picture of your food (could be from a restaurant, a cookbook, magazine article, website, or from your own kitchen) and share with us the recipe!


Nutrition Nibble: This job will have you posting about a fact on nutrition. Resources could be from wherever!

For example: “Indian food is rich in curcumin, an antioxidant found in turmeric and cumin that’s been shown to boost memory. Try adding these spices to your meals (or calling for takeout!) several times a week.”


Quick Questioner: Got a question on your mind that would engage us? Post it! It could cover any subject you want.

Try using the JOBS in your accountability group to help keep everyone engaged and entertained! Let me know how it goes.

6 Figure Earner To-Do List

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100K Team Check List:
Here are some of the things other leaders in this business have
done to get to that 6 figure mark and are still doing NOW to
keep growing and helping more people. I want you to review
the list below and put a check by the things you are doing and
leave it blank if you aren’t doing these things yet.

DO NOT CHECK if you aren’t doing these things CONSISTENTLY every
single day. Be honest with yourself because this is going to
help guide you to reach YOUR goals!
 I meet 3-5 new people on social media daily
 I host a monthly fitness challenge
 I earn success club 10 monthly (minimum 5)
 I return messages regarding my business every day
 I have scheduled business hours

 I don’t go to bed until my power hour to do list is
 I workout 5 days per week
 I drink Shakeology daily
 I add 4 or more new coaches every single month
 I do a getting started right call with my new coaches NO
 I find out my new coaches why/goals and help them set
up a plan of action
 I check back in with my coaches often (at least 2x per
 I host monthly coach basic groups for my new coaches
 I dig deep in my downline to look for up and coming
leaders and help them succeed

 I am growing my Facebook friends list by 20-30 people
every single week
 I am growing my following on instagram by 20-30+
people weekly
 I am putting this opportunity in front of 5+ people every
single week
 I have read the book Magic of Thinking Big
 I have read the book Go Pro I track my progress using notebook, spreadsheet,
evernote, asana, etc.
 I have a success partner or group so I stay on track
 I post on my social media sites 2-3x per day
 I have hired an assistant to do the busy work for me at
least 5 hours per week (1 hour per day)
 I follow up with all my prospects in a timely manner
 I write down my goals every single week on the same day
at the same time. I review my goals every morning

 I wake up early at 5:30am
 I get 7 hours of sleep
 I am reading more than 10 pages of a personal
development book daily
 I listen to more than 20 mins of personal development
audios daily
 I get on the National Wake Up Call every monday (or listen
to the recording on Monday sometime )
 I get on the Team Go Getters Weekly Team Call
 I am watching other leaders to get ideas from what they
are doing and mocking it but making it my own
 I work from a to do list every single day. I either create
my to do list the night before OR early in the morning.
 I talk about the business or products to at least 2-3
people per day
 I am hosting weekly or biweekly What is Coaching calls
for my coaches and downline
 I am hosting a weekly accountability call or google
hangout where they report their progress

 I attend Summit
 I run an internship/coach basic group monthly
 I post about my internship a few times per month
 I am confident when talking to people about what I do
 I treat my business like a business
 I am a leader and I act like it
 I make at least 2 new youtube videos monthly
 I create systems that are simple for my team or plug them
into my uplines
 I offer to host and guest speak on the weekly team call
 I offer to host the what is coaching webinars for the team


Is your head whirling? Remember, it takes time and consistency to build a business. You cannot do everything at once. Take a deep breath and get organized with your most important tasks first. Plugging into a coach training group will definitely help!