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My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

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I drink a smoothie nearly every day. It’s become a staple in my diet. A smoothie is like having dessert any time of day. I am always looking for ways to pack nutrient dense foods into my body. And A LOT of them. I can pack a lot of good calories into a delicious smoothie! It’s easy to take on the go, it’s simple to make, and it’s freaking DELICIOUS.

I do not know many healthy active people who DON’T drink some sort of smoothie or protein supplement powder. When you’re active your body requires more fuel to power through workouts and your day! In other words, you’ve gotta eat a lot of food. When you’re eating nutrient dense food it can become a challenge to get ENOUGH. I do love to eat but I do not want to eat all day every day. Girl got stuff to do!

Try this smoothie recipe if you need some goodness in your life.

I use Shakeology as a supplement in my smoothies. You can use whichever protein powder or meal replacement that you prefer in yours. Experiment with this recipe and make it your own! Before you ask which flavor of Shakeology I use… I use ALL of them! And I use this same recipe every time regardless of vanilla powder or chocolate or whatever. I recommend a high powered blender as well. I’ve been through a few over the years and live by my Vitamix. It’s well worth the price. I’ve used mine daily for YEARS! A good blender makes all the difference in smoothie land.

If you have questions about blenders, Shakeology, or any other supplements that I use please message me or comment below.

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Snack Time! Superfood Power Balls

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Untitled design (12)Keep these bad boys stored in the freezer for a quick sweet treat! Just don’t get too crazy because they are higher in calories. This recipe was inspired but the recipe listed on the back of the Livfit Superfood package. You can alter this recipe pretty easily too! You could edit a few of the ingredients to increase the protein, lower the sugar, and lower the fat. If you want to try the vegan vanilla Shakeology that I used in this recipe you can order it here. As always, I encourage you to experiment and play with your food!

I recently brought a batch of these power balls to a luncheon and they were a total HIT! By the time I left they were all gone. My kids love them too!

Vegan Super Sandwich

Vegan Super Sandwich

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I could eat this sandwich every day. On some weeks, I do!

When I was teasing the idea of going vegetarian I tried to think of all the foods that I would be giving up. Sandwiches were on that list!

Vegan Super SandwichHow could I possibly eat a sandwich without any meat or cheese? At that point, I ate a sandwich nearly every day! I was home with three kids and sandwiches made for a fast and easy lunch! Two slices of plain white Mrs. Baird’s bread (if I could manage an extra minute, toasted.) With your standard Kraft American cheese and pre-packaged lunch meat. Sometime’s I would get fancy and add pickles.

I decided to go vegetarian anyway. Pre-packaged lunch was no more. I decided that I would just live off grilled cheese and PB&J. Eventually, I was introduced to a few veggie sandwich recipes that didn’t suck. I was back in sandwich heaven! Over time, I progressed into veganism and gave up the cheese! A few short years ago, this would have been INSANITY to me. No way ever would I give up CHEESE?!? But I did. And I’m glad that I did.

This Super Sandwich recipe has evolved over time and continues to evolve! It’s completely vegan and my meat eater friends even agree…. IT’S THE BOMB!

Experiment. I use whatever I have in my fridge. Including the bread! I keep my Udi’s gluten free bread stored in the fridge. (And that’s where you’ll find it in the grocery store!)

Open WIDE and chew slowly. This recipe is my favorite combo at the moment! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Delicious Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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I love a good smoothie. But you know what I love more? ICE CREAM!

I’ve been playing around with a few healthier options now that I’m dairy free. After a big bowl of Blue Bell (the ice cream of the South) my stomach would toss and turn. It tastes SOOOO good but makes me feel SOOOO bad! What gives?!

It’s the freaking dairy. Here’s the thing… I don’t miss it! Not one bit. I gave up Blue Bell and so can you. I know it sounds scary but I’ve got a great smoothie bowl recipe that is DELICIOUS. It’s NICE CREAM! No cruelty added.

You can make your smoothie bowl thick and creamy just like the real stuff. Use less almond milk and add more frozen banana/ice for a thicker consistency. The possibilities are truly endless.

As you can see, I typically stick with the same toppings! YUM!

This is my go to recipe when I have a sweet tooth. I’m currently doing a modified vegan version of the Whole 30 and this meal is compliant!

1 frozen banana
2 cups of ice
1 cup almond milk
2 tablespoons of peanut or almond butter
2-3 cups of spinach*
1 teaspoon spirulina*
1 scoop of chocolate vegan Shakeology*
1/2 scoop of protein powder*
1 cup of blackberries (or whatever fruit you choose!)
1 tablespoon chia seeds*
1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds*
1 tablespoon shredded coconut*
1 tablespoon hemp seeds*

Blend together in a high powered blender almond milk, spinach, and spirulina. Add in Shakeology, protein powder, and almond butter. Blend. Finally add in ice and frozen banana and blend until smooth.

Pour mixture into a big bowl then add toppings of choice! My favorites are listed above.

Have some fun with your food. Make a fun design, snap a pic, and share your yumminess with ME!

Your smoothie bowl will be a VIBRANT green color if you add more spinach. Don’t worry, though, you cannot taste it! So pack in the greens and enjoy!


Magical Lemon Ginger Water

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I’ve been reading several self help books lately that discuss morning routines and nearly every single one recommends starting the day by drinking water. Less caffeine and more aqua.  If you’re looking for a way to kick the caffeine habit and spruce up your water try lemon ginger water!

A simple Google search will show you the variety of benefits from ginger and lemon.

Immunity boost anyone? Both ginger and lemon have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation and enhance the activity of the liver. The smell of lemons can also reduce stress. The perfect way to kick off any morning… stress free! Talk about MAGICAL!

Directions: Chop the ginger root (I use half of a large root) and infuse it into boiling water for ten to twenty minutes. (I boil approximately 2 cups of water.)
This helps in transferring the active ingredients into the water.

Then slice up 1-2 lemons and mix it all together in your favorite pitcher. I store mine in the fridge! You could drink it as a hot “tea” as well. I typically refill the pitcher one time before making the lemon ginger water recipe again. Easy!