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Body Beast Couples Workout

By December 17, 2015 No Comments

I’ll post short clips of my Body Beast workout every so often. It’s really not the most exciting thing to watch although it’s the program that’s had the biggest impact on me over the past year.

I started training with Body Beast at home back in May 2013. I have not stopped using the program and do not plan to stop any time soon. It’s awesome to see more people are getting on board too. Seeing others fall in love with this program is so rewarding.

Body Beast is a strength training program geared to help you build lean muscle by using dynamic set training. Some equipment is required 

Ladies… don’t let the tough macho man act fool you… this program is for women too. You will not get bulky and huge from this workout. You’re going to get LEAN AND STRONG!

If you’re running running running all the time… blasting that cardio..not getting a lick of results… it’s time to pick up some heavy weights! This is an EXCELLENT program to do with your partner or spouse. It’s only brought Darren and I closer together as a couple.

If you’re considering Body Beast and would like a coach through the program… let’s work together. Schedule a consult and let’s get started.

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