Fly Girl Private Parties & Events

It can be challenging to organize a fun fitness-friendly birthday party or bachelorette party for a group of ladies who LOVE to have fun. That’s probably why my aerial yoga parties and workshops are gaining popularity! Come fly with me! You and your guests will have a wonderful time while we fly, flip, and become truly immersed in something they’ve probably never tried before!

What’s Included?

Your private bachelorette or birthday party class includes the exclusive use of the studio for two hours, and for the most part, you’re free to decide how you’d like to spend that time. The aerial class itself usually lasts about 90 minutes, because most groups like to relax, eat, drink, and otherwise celebrate once the class is over. Some groups bring along champagne, gifts, cake, or other snacks and drinks. But if you and your group would like your class to last a little longer, or to end a little sooner, that’s up to you.
One important note: Any eating or drinking your group does will need to take place after class, not before. Doing strenuous physical activity on a full stomach is rarely a good idea, and some aerial maneuvers, such as inversions, can lead to nausea for some people.


  • Please wear a shirt that covers your armpits (short or long sleeved) and fitted pants.
  • Remove all jewelry prior to class.
  • Make sure fingernails are filed to avoid snagging the silks.
  • Socks are encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Bring a playful attitude and an open mind!
  • We discourage the use of oils and lotions on your body when performing aerial. This keeps the silks clean and fresh for the next participant. We do wash and sanitize the silks frequently.

If you have any health issues or concerns, I strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before scheduling your aerial session. Although aerial is beneficial to many, there are certain health conditions that are a contraindication to aerial. Participating in aerial with the following conditions is not recommended:

  • Pregnancy: Many of the inversions can be uncomfortable and stressful for you and your baby.
  • Glaucoma, recent eye surgery, or brain injury: Because inverted poses can increase pressure on the brain, inverted aerial poses are not recommended.
  • Low or high blood pressure, or any heart conditions: Sudden shifts in the intracellular pressure can adversely affect these conditions.
  • Vertigo: Sudden changes in position may trigger dizziness.
  • Recent Botox injections (within 48 hours): The reversed gravitational pull experienced during some aerial poses may have an adverse effect on this procedure.

Private Aerial Session

$ 65

One time75 Minute Personal Training Session
Full training fee due prior to
your personal training session

Small Group

$ 125

One TimePrivate class for 2-3 people
Pay a $50 non-refundable deposit
to book and save your party date

Aerial Party Workshop

$ 250

One time90 minute class for 4-7 people
Pay a $50 non-refundable deposit
to book and save your party date

Events are held at Studio One Dance Center located at 9734 N Beach St #200, Fort Worth, TX 76244


Pick and confirm party date.
Pay your party fee or deposit.
Read up on what to expect.
Print and fill out waivers.
Bring your friends and fly!


January 20, 2018
February 3, 2018
February 17, 2018
March 10, 2018
March 17, 2018


Text or call: 817-239-1106


Aerial Party Options


All workshops have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Most of my workshops sell out, and it is essential I have sufficient notice to allow wait list clients time to arrange for the class.

Privates, Duos, Trios, and Group Events
All private bookings require a minimum of 24-hour notice to cancel, and all reservation deposits for these appointments are non-refundable.

When I decided that I wanted to have an Aerial Yoga party for my birthday, I knew Ember was the one to go too! It was a very simple process to reserve our class, and Ember made sure everyone was aware of what to expect leading up to the event. All of my friends were nervous to try something new but trusting through the whole session. No one had a bad time! I loved how easy each movement was to pick up and the ability to go at your own pace and comfort level. We were all laughing and having fun with each movement. Having a little bit of free time at the end was perfect for taking pictures of us in the poses we had learned. I would highly recommend an aerial party with Ember for your birthday or a fun girls night out!

Lily T