I want an aerial hammock at home!

After my first aerial yoga class, I knew immediately that I wanted an aerial hammock installed at home. Now that I’m teaching aerial workshops I hear similar demands in every single class, “I want one of these at home!”

And my response is… well, get one girl!

I’ve partnered with the amazing women at Aerial Yoga Online to help set you up with your own personal aerial hammock! I know that you have questions about ceiling height, installation, pricing, and equipment needed. Please contact the rock stars over at Aerial Yoga Online. They have amazing customer service and can help you every step of the way like they did with me!

All products are professional grade.

Traditionally called ‘silks,’ the hammocks are made of a weight-tested, specialty nylon that is soft to the touch and has a slight shine. They feature steel hardware and ‘no fabric to fabric’ contact to prevent fabric wear. Your purchase includes video tutorials on how to completely disassemble and reassemble your hammocks for proper washing and inspection. No other aerial company currently gives so much information away for free!

Use the code “FIREDUP” at check out.

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