How to Get Started Right as a New Team Beachbody Coach!
Learning the WROPES

The first commitment in the Beachbody Game Plan is to have a “Getting Started Right” interview with your

sponsor coach within 24-48 hours of joining the team.

I created the following system to use with my coaches during that interview so I would be sure to cover

all the important details of getting started. Depending on the drive and commitment level of the new coach

I may limit the amount of info from the following list until they are ready. Some coaches are ready to hit it hard from the start and others want to take baby steps. Either way is fine! As a leader you must determine how much info you want to put on your new coach.

This system works well for me because if I can remember “WROPES” then I can do a “Getting Started” interview anywhere and wouldn’t ned to be behind my computer or notes to know everything was covered!

All new coaches need to learn the WROPES of the business!!! Help them get started as best you can and

follow up with them as much as possible!

W– (3 W’s) What’s your WHY, Set up your WEBSITES, & fitness plan.

I want to know their commitment level and how it relates to their WHY/Goals. Explain where

to go to set up their websites, explain they have 3 website and tell them to refer to their Welcome

email that I sent. Explain our fitness programs and why they need to go live with their workout life.

R– READ & Listen to Audio (Personal/Professional Development)

I explain how this isn’t a business of selling but a business of passion and self development.

You cannot lead others unless you are leading yourself. Constantly improving and moving forward.

Explain where they can find the recommended reading list on Platinum Presenters and how Podcasts are
the jam.

O– One hundred names (Making Connections, building lists, and building relationships)

I make sure they know this is not a list of people to go pounding down the door about Beachbody.

Its people they know that they don’t speak to every day that they can start reconnecting and building

relationships with. A simple HELLO and casual conversation. THIS IS IMPORTANT- I tell them once they

have their list of 100 names complete to CONTACT ME AND LET ME KNOW! This is my signal that they

are ready to move on to the next step. It also tells me how serious they are by how quickly it gets done. I go on to explain my networking system, follow up system, and how they need to add people to their network by setting a goal and meeting people. How simply smiling at someone and listening can bring new opportunities to them! You can always do 50 names or even 25. It will be challenging.

P– Platinum Presenters and Team Connections! Plugging in.

Get them on the Platinum Presenters members area, where they can find tools, resources, and info on meetings, calls, and webinars. The history and why they are a important part!

I explain who we are as a team and why its CRUCIAL to their success to stay connected and plugged in! THE CHARGE!

E– Emerald

I explain my goal for them to be Emerald asap and within 30 days if possible.
I tell them what they can expect from me as a leader and teammate. I explain what I will do for them. If they want to work 5 hours a week Illl explain how to maximize that time. If they want to work 10 hours a week -same thing. I explain the benefits of being Emerald and how following the Game Plan everyday will get them there.

S– Shakeology

Being a product of the product and how Shakeology is changing the game. Explain the Shakeology Starter pack, challenge packs, and touch on Success Club points. They are feeling a lot of info coming at them, a lot of passion, and need simple action items at this point in the conversation.

ASSUME now that they are a Coach on your team that they WANT your guidance. THEY are the hero though, don’t get it twisted. Ask them if anyone has already been coming to them for advice related to fitness, nutrition, being a Mom, whatever THEIR niche is. Help your new coach start organizing their list of contacts. Names and bonus if you have an email! That’s all they need on their contact list.

Action Items: Ask questions and LISTEN to your new coach. Meet them where THEY are and help set them up for success by giving action items they can complete quickly.

What is their fitness plan for the next 30 days and how can you hold them accountable? Follow through.
What is their Team Beachbody website and instead of sharing the link with Facebook help them craft an awesome announcement message that delivers passion, purpose, and their WHY. Share the post on Monday or Thursday evening.
Which flavor of Shakeology are they using, do they need a recipe? Mixing directions? Are they on HD?
Plug them into 1-2 coaching Facebook groups,, and schedule your next strategy call.

If the new coach follows through and you follow up then get on another strategy call within a week or two!

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