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12 Content Ideas that Delivers Value

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Running a business using social media can be tricky! Staying engaged with your customers is kind of a big deal. Facebook is a great place to stay connected. But what do you say? What do you post? When do you post it? How do you post… AHHHH!

I attended a leadership conference recently where I had the chance to hear from celebrity trainers and other fitness pros who have built their business using social media. I wanted to share a list of ideas I picked up that might help you with YOUR content strategy.

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Don’t waste our time! Deliver content that delivers value:

Ideas for your social media topics!

  1. Resource or tool- what has been helpful for you that you can pass along to others?
  2. Entertaining- make us smile! Make us laugh! We want to FEEL good!
  3. Put someone on a pedestal- who’s horn needs a little tootin?
  4. Question or poll- only ask if you’re seriously interested in the answers! Interact with people answering!
  5. Up swing- share good news! What’s on the up and up?
  6. How to: Save time, money, energy!
  7. FAQ- what questions do you get asked over and over and over?
  8. Motivational- put a little pep in our step!
  9. How to system: in steps- break. it. down!!!
  10. Gratitude- show us how to have an attitude of gratitude
  11. This is who I am- be YOU x2! What’s something we might not know?
  12. Invitation- where can we see you? Play with you? Work with you?

Have a goal in mind when posting. What’s the point? Are you trying to build relationships? Drive traffic to your website? Share a new tip?

Do not post JUST to post. Set up a schedule to develop a content strategy for what you want to put out. Use a word doc to plan out your posts then schedule them out or in real time. You can totally recycle content so it’s awesome using something like a word doc to keep track of what you’re posting. (Google: social media calendar template.)

Check your analytics once a week.
When are people seeing your stuff? What kind of content do they really like from you? Check your analytics/insights! It’s the only way you’ll know what’s working!

Check in with your friends! Friend FIRST business second!
Remember, social media is about relationships! Nobody wants to be SOLD. Be a friend, be helpful, and the business will come from the most unexpected places.

Comment below… do you want more social media tip type blogs? How about a live training?

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