Ember has a gift of seeing you and helping you see yourself, which is extremely helpful in planning your business, as it fits into your authentic self. Her energy and passion are contagious and you leave feeling motivated and inspired. Working with Ember has been wonderful in every way!

Charla PavlikArtist. And sometimes writer and sometimes decorative painter.

I have been working on my health and weight loss for two years and I have never seen results like this in such a short time frame. I LOVE how I feel. I lost 12.8 pounds and EIGHTEEN INCHES in Ember's Carb Cycling program! That includes eating food, not starving myself, getting rest days, and fueling my workouts. It seems crazy to me. I'm just so happy! I cannot wait for round two!

Christina PatnodeMom, wife, and crafty person.

Ember always challenges me to aim higher. In my workouts she pushes me to get lower, jump higher, and go faster. In my personal life she has encourages me to step outside my box and try new things. I'm definitely a stronger person physically and mentally thanks to Ember's influence.

Danielle SouthMom, wife, and group fitness instructor.

Started the carb cycling program nervous but was quickly put at ease. The program is easy to follow with the help of Ember and her organized group. Results are seen quickly so it made me want to keep going!

Brenda ArgravesGrandma and animal rescue advocate

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